Doris Rothgaenger

Our life can only be seen as a whole. The whole of our physical existence.

This includes our body, the conscious and subconscious parts of our thoughts factory called brain and our emotions. 

If we heal on one level, it also affects all other levels. If we heal all three areas, we can experience true miracles of shift in our existence.

Are you ready for miracles?

I'm Lyra

I am a certified Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, Human Design Practitioner, Health and Nutrition Coach and Spiritual Guide.

I learned all levels from basics to mysteries about healing our body and mind and find true self love to create the life we were meant to live. 

I strongly believe that we all came here for a reason. Not only the ones who are here to make a big change for our society or our planet. Everyone.

Also the ones who are here just for their own soul – to experience life in duality and full of limitations. It is a perfect goal to experience being a mom, being a traveller or finding ones passion in gardening. 

But we need to find and follow our inner guidance to make the experience we came here for and live a life full of joy and fulfilment

Heal from negative programming and conditioning. Learn to follow yourself instead of following others!



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As a certified Hypnosis Practitioner I can support you to work with your subconscious. This is the place where we store fears and pattern from earliest childhood on. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to make profound progress. Ask me for more information!

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Energy Healing

I work with the Reconnective Healing frequencies to connect you with a field of energy, light and information. This is a big support for your soul to find back into balance. I have seen massive changes in my clients lives after a few healing sessions. A soft way to change! 

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Human Design

Human Design gives a lot of valuable information about your energetic setup and how you can create your life in harmony with your true individual design and free of conditioning. I use this wisdom to be clear about what works well for you and what doesn’t. Curious?

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Selflove Coaching

Why is it so hard for us to fully and unconditionally love ourselves?

I can guide you to find the love you were looking for – it’s part of you.

Let me lead you on an exciting journey to yourself!

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Health and Nutrition

Our body is our vessel. It gives us structure, protection but also comes with limitations, pain and illness. Having a balanced nutrition and detoxing our body has a massive influence in how we experience our daily life. Contact me to learn more!

“Really didn’t expect so much to come out in just one session!”


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