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What is Human Design? Never heard of it?

I often get this question when I explain to people what different services I offer. If you have never heard of Human Design before, I’ll stare a short summary here as first information for you:

Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system to create a unique and comprehensive understanding of the individual. It is based on the idea that each person has a specific blueprint or design that reveals their true nature and purpose in life.

The Human Design system uses a chart called a BodyGraph to represent this blueprint. The BodyGraph is made up of nine centers, each of which represents a different aspect of the individual’s personality and energy. These centers are connected by channels, which represent the flow of energy between them.

One of the most important aspects of Human Design is the concept of “authority.” Authority refers to the inner guidance system that each person has for making decisions in their life. There are several different types of authority, including emotional, sacral, splenic, and more. Understanding one’s authority can help them make decisions in alignment with their true nature and purpose.

Another key aspect of Human Design is the concept of “Type.” Type refers to the general way in which a person is designed to interact with the world. There are five different Types in Human Design: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each Type has a different strategy for navigating life, and understanding one’s Type can help them live in alignment with their true nature.

Overall, Human Design is a complex and multifaceted system that offers a unique perspective on the individual. By understanding their Human Design chart and following the guidance of their inner authority, a person can gain greater clarity and direction in their life.