Where would you be in life, if there wouldn't be this one thing that's blocking you?

Many strong and successful people share a dark secret. Not even because they would not want to talk about it or try to hide it – but because they can’t even really grab it or bring it to words.

It is this block they face when they need to perform well on a meeting or when they need to get your work done. But exactly then they feel like there is a kind of shadow coming up, taking over and sucking off all their courage and power. And it costs a lot of energy to just push through it.

Is this you? Then I have some good news! You are not alone and you can get rid of it!
Because this is what a unconscious block does! They often start in our childhood or even earlier, related to what kind of trauma our parents experienced. Or they are caused by deeply traumatic times like an abusive relationship.
I can help you to let go of and heal this block, so that your life can unfold in an amazing way without anything holding you back anymore! Grow your business and thrive!




Want to learn more about my Unvictimized Superwoman Program?

30-40% of all abused people are powerful empaths, strong leaders and healers by nature. Just that they didn’t learn how to use their skills and superpowers within their upbringing.

Is that you? If it resonates with a part deep within you, then it is!

Where would you be in your life if you would be able to fully use your power, not have to be limited by doubts, emotional pain and anxiety anymore?

I’ve been exactly through this journey. Left one horrible relationship when I was pregnant

and had another almost 7 years of toxic and abusive relationship as next.

Until I had the amazing influence and help from a loving mentor and started reading through a ton of books that built up on everything I’ve had learned already earlier within my time at university and learning about holistic medicine.

This was a true turnaround in my life! 

I experienced my full power and raised like a phoenix from being in an abusive relationship to the powerful guide and healer I am right now.

And I’m sure you have the same possibilities and powers if you profit from my clear guidance!

I will first help you heal from your experienced trauma to make your soul break free and then guide you into your true power and purpose in life!

You are a true hero of these times once you did get access to your inner power!

Work with me on making you raise like a phoenix from the ashes into a powerful beautiful being!


For more short term changes I offer an intense one month self love program:

Finding a true loving soul mate is a journey that starts within.

Feeling lonely, missing love in your life? Even in relationships we can sometimes feel absolutely lonely.

It starts within.

Once I had cracked access to my inner unconditional self love I couldn’t believe how my whole world changed. I love being with me and seeing me in the mirror. Sounds strange? It did for sure for me only a year back.

After I cracked the access for myself I started giving small workshops with different kinds of people to see what is working the best, what is needed to be explained and understand to learn how I can set this program up in the best possible way.

You never learned to feel deep inner love? Start your journey now with me and find your inner loving paradise!

This is the place where you can then also look for your perfect loving soul mate! I’ld love to guide you along your way to make you arrive as soon as possible!

Interested? Contact me for a free first session!

If you are not sure, just give me the details of what you experience and want to change and I’ll have a look. I’m looking forward to talking to you!