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You get what you think about yourself

I had to learn this the hard way. Really hard way. When I had my son and the relationship ended during my pregnancy I was convinced, that I messed up my life. I failed. I’m done, my life is over and I don’t deserve anything good in life anymore, because now I have luggage and am not free anymore – and who wants a woman like that.

One day I started dating again. I didn’t want my son to grow up without a father figure and I was convinced, I can’t do it on my own. And that’s where everything got worse. I ended up in an emotional abusive relationship. Not able to stand up for myself or my son because “I don’t deserve better!” was the believe sentenced I had stuck in my subconscious mind. And the world mirrored it back to me. The relationship showed me, that I’m not worthy.

“I have to be grateful, not to be alone!”

On top there was all the knowledge I had about healing, so I was convinced, that I can “heal” this relationship, turn everything to the better. And I partially did. But not to a point where things were getting even close to something called okayish.

It was a row of hypnosis sessions who made a massive change in the end. Clearing up my negative believe sentences and old childhood trauma had such a massive influence on my life, that I was finally able to leave this relationship behind and start a new life full of adventures, love and abundance.

“I deserve to live in abundance!” is what the world is reflecting back to me now. Not always, because we still face struggle and contrast to keep growing, but in the majority of time and situations. 😉