Hi! I'm Doris!

Have you gone through trauma or abuse?

Let's heal your blocks, break old destructive pattern and help you finally unblock the best version of yourself!

This can help you to perform better in your job, get rid of chronic health issues, unblock hidden potential or even finally finding your true loving soul mate!

Trauma and other subconscious blocks can cause a variety of effects on your mental and physical perfomance.

Have a look at my different programs to see which approach to move on from where you are right now would help you the most to transform your life from toxic to ecstatic!

I’m your way to grow out of your old pattern of getting stuck in a toxic environment!

Getting out of the used processes and out of the own comfort zone is very hard when you have no one who knows the way, has done it before and already helped many others to go through this process of change.

With me on your side, you’ll see massive changes to your life and a huge increas of self-worthiness!

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Reconnective Healing® is a very amazing and sufficient form of healing through special frequencies, that changed my life profoundly.

I recommend it for making faster and greater progress in changing from where you are to where you want to be.

I’m a certified Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner – read more about this unique experience!


What customers and clients say about me.

The intuitive guidance I received from Doris was incredible!

I.A., Client for a reality creation session

The intuitive guidance I received from Doris was incredible!
I feel very clear now on what was holding me back and where I want to go forward. We resolved some deep blocks and I feel just light and happy now after our session!


Doris made it easy to help and heal myself!

A.K. about finding back to self-love

Thank you so much, Doris.

You have definitely found your true calling in the career path you’ve chosen. You explained everything so well and it made it so easy to understand how to help and heal myself!


Recieving distance healing from Doris was truly a magical experience

L.S. About a Reconnective Healing® Distance Session

Recieving distance healing from Doris was truly a magical experience, it was not a healing modality I was previously familiar with but was intrigued to try it.

I was surprised about the intensity of the sensations that I experienced during the session and how relaxed I became. In my days since the treatment I feel ‘lighter’ in my heart and more calm. This is definitely a treatment I would recommend to anyone considering giving it a go…


Doris has a very strong and powerful healing presence.

“Doris has an extremely strong and powerful healing presence. After the reconnective energy healing work with Doris I instantly felt lighter and freer with a dramatic reduction in the pressure of energetic blocks that I had been really struggling to cope with.

Doris is able to intuitively sense the underlying disempowering beliefs and past traumas which are sabotaging your life and provide support in releasing these as well as practical advice to help you live a freer and happier life.

I have been able to confide in Doris some very painful past experiences and emotional patterns and she listened with loving empathy and zero judgement. I highly recommend Doris for anyone who is experiencing trauma, energy blockages, or difficulty in achieving success in life.”


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