How do I work to help and guide you out of your pain?

Relationship healing

I know how it is to find youself in the same situations again and again, friends who don’t understand or can’t help you, partners who seem to be perfect in the beginning but after a while everything changed.

Are you tired of it? Tried everything already? I hear you, I’ve been there!

Influenced by our surrounding, subconscious beliefs and life events we generate our life as result. In or after a toxic relationship we unfortunately have a very hard time in breaking free from the pain and fear we experienced. But we have to heal and break free to not end up in te same situation again or end up staying alone for the rest of our life.

With changing our subconscious beliefs and healing trauma and fears, we can get out of situation we are stuck in and build up a much better and happier life. I’ll guide you on your way!

I know the best way out

With my experience I helped many clients already to find their way into a better, more loving and harmonic life.

Beeing seen and appreciated the way you are! Naturally attracting people into your life who resonate with you on a deep level!

This is where you should be and where I’ll guide you! Let’s go!

Let's break the pattern!

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Another customer voice

“Doris has an extremely strong and powerful healing presence. After the reconnective energy healing work with Doris I instantly felt lighter and freer with a dramatic reduction in the pressure of energetic blocks that I had been really struggling to cope with.

Doris is able to intuitively sense the underlying disempowering beliefs and past traumas which are sabotaging your life and provide support in releasing these as well as practical advice to help you live a freer and happier life.

I have been able to confide in Doris some very painful past experiences and emotional patterns and she listened with loving empathy and zero judgement. I highly recommend Doris for anyone who is experiencing trauma, energy blockages, or difficulty in achieving success in life.”

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If you are not sure, just give me the details of what you experience and want to change and I’ll have a look. I’m looking forward to talking to you!