About Me

I’m Doris, a relationship coach, intuitive healer, self-worthiness accelerator and Reconnective Healing facilitator. My work is my biggest passion as I love to combine all my skills and knowledge to help my clients get the best ever results!

After 16 years of learning, growing and exploring I still dedicate every single day to learn even more!

I love my work and my clients

Bringing my clients from the stuck situation of attracting the wrong people and partners in their life and re-living the same cycles of pain and frustration instead of living a loving and harmonic daily life is the most beautiful work I can imagine. I can bring in my personality, all my knowledge and my skills to make them live their life as the best version of themselves, naturally attracting the right people!

My work values

Accountability and Honesty

You get what you were promised – no upsell or hidden costs.

Connection and Empathy

I always try to build a stong relationship between me as leader and my clients based on deep connection and empathy.

Energy and expertise

I serve my clients with my unique energy and my 15 years of expertise in health, nutrition and energy healing.

Fearlessness and Freedom

My past was dominated by fearless, bold action directed to personal freedom. My coaching is also including parts of me as character, so I use to attract clients who also tend to take fearless action and seek freedom. No average outcome wanted? Then this is the right place.

Intuition and Passion

I analyse things a lot. I’m very scientific and always look for proof of what I say or do. But this doesn’t hold me back from being extremely passionate about the unknown and in the end I always trust my intuition. So you can also expect to get intuitive advice based on trust in my scientific background and passion for learning and exploring more.

Leadership and Strength

I’m a born leader and I have to admit that I struggle with authorities. I guide with some strength because I don’t see much value in spending the time with my clients on agreeing with them to make them stay but without getting them where they should be.

Interested? Contact me for a free first session!

If you are not sure, just give me the details of what you experience and want to change and I’ll have a look. I’m looking forward to talking to you!